Casemaker Unveils Major Redesign of Its Legal Research Platform

The legal research company Casemaker is today introducing a major redesign of its legal research platform called Casemaker4, with a more modern and responsive design, more intuitive navigation and faster search.
The new version is available to all subscribers beginning today. Upon log-in, the platform will continue to default to the prior version, but the subscriber will be able to select to switch to Casemaker4. Any preferences the user has set will also move to the new system.
For now, each time the user logs in, it will default to the old system. Eventually, the default will change to Casemaker4, but with the ability to revert to the old system.
“The new platform is informed by several years of user feedback and an extensive beta testing process,” said Sarah Gorman, Casemaker’s chief operating officer. “The response from the last round of beta was overwhelmingly positive and we are extremely excited to now open

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