Linux Distros Without Systemd (2019)

New submitter Nico Schottelius writes: It’s 2019 — who has switched to systemd, who hasn’t and what can I use if I don’t like systemd? Here’s the answer in short.From the blog post: If you are reading this post you’re very much likely not a fan of systemd already. So we won’t preach on why systemd is bad, but today we’ll focus more on what are the alternatives out there. Our approach is obviously not for settling for less but for changing things for the better. We have started the world after systemd project some time ago and the search isn’t over. So what are the non-systemd distros out there? The author makes a case for why you should consider the suggested distros, but here’s the list: Devuan, Alpine Linux, Artixlinux, Void, Slackware, Gentoo, and GNU GUIX.

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