Invoking Building Insights APIs using Node-RED

This brief tutorial will show you how to invoke a Building Insights API from a Node-RED application.
IBM Cloud account – sign up if you don’t have an account yet.
Create a Node-RED starter application.
This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with IBM Cloud and how to create a Node-RED starter app.
Also, you will need the username and password that is provided in your Building Insights Welcome Letter.
Estimated time
Completing this tutorial should take about 30 minutes.
1 Import the demo flow into Node-RED
Let’s work with the demo flow that I’ve provided in a JSON file. Open the JSON file, and copy the contents to a clipboard.
In your Node-RED editor, from the Node-RED menu, choose Import > Clipboard, and then paste the contents of the JSON file into the dialog.
2 Authenticate with the Building Insights Login API
All of the Building Insights APIs are secured via a bearer token. Therefore, the first step is to

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