NMOneSoure 2.0: Open Access to New Mexico Legal Information Is Now Powered by Lexum

New Mexico is one of the few U.S. States where the official publishing of legislation and case law is centralized in the hands of a specialized enterprise agency, the New Mexico Compilation Commission (NMCC), created in 1941. Over the last fifteen years, the State of New Mexico has been its own self-publisher of its official laws. NMCC has been providing three distinct online services: its agency website for posting slip opinions, formal and unreported opinions and new court rule amendments on behalf of the Supreme Court of New Mexico; a free, word-searchable online database of unannotated statutes at the request of the state legislature; and a legal research service called NMOneSource where legal professionals could gain online access to the official, annotated compilation of primary legal information relied upon by the courts and the legislature. Over the years, the technology supporting NMOneSource had fallen behind the rest of the legal publishing industry as the demand for free access increased. This prompted the NMCC to recently initiate a formal procurement to modernize its online publishing, reduce its operational costs and

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