Use GitLab runners on Kubernetes

In a new generation of software development, also known as Cloud Native, it simply requires pipelines to be successful. You need to have a comfort blanket for your development, which is the main why CD/CI are so prevalent in our industry now. There are multiple ways to create a standarized pipelne and luckily there is already some good starting points to get yourself bootstrapped.
This tutorial’s purpose is to teach you how to connect your IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service cluster to a hosted GitLab instance so that you can leverage your own infrastructure for continuous integration and continuous deployment.
Much of this tutorial is influenced by the official documentation from GitLab.
Before you begin going through the steps in this tutorial, you will need the following:
A Kubernetes cluster on the IBM Cloud.
And an IP that your GitLab instance can reach.

An IBM Cloud CLI installed and configured on your work station.

Authenticate with the IBM

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