Debian Package Maintainer Steps Down, Complaining About ‘Old Infrastructure’

Michael Stapelberg, maintains “a bunch” of Debian packages and services, and says the free software Linux distro “has been in my life for well over 10 years at this point.”

Today he released a 2,255-word essay explaining why he’s “winding down” his involvement in Debian to a minimum, citing numerous complaints including Debian’s complicated build stack, waits of up to seven hours before package uploads can be installed, leading to “asynchronous” feedback — and Debian’s lack of tooling for large changes.

The closest to “sending out a change for review” is to open a bug report with an attached patch… Culturally, reviews and reactions are slow. There are no deadlines. I literally sometimes get emails notifying me that a patch I sent out a few years ago (!!) is now merged. This turns projects from a small number of weeks into many years, which is a huge demotivator for me.


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