Linux 5.0 Released

An anonymous reader writes: Linus Torvalds has released Linux 5.0 in kicking off the kernel’s 28th year of development. Linux 5.0 features include AMD FreeSync support, open-source NVIDIA Turing GPU support, Intel Icelake graphics, Intel VT-d scalable mode, NXP PowerPC processors are now mitigated for Spectre Variant Two, and countless other additions. eWeek adds: Among the new features that have landed in Linux 5.0 is support for the Adiantum encryption system, developed by Google for low power devices. Google’s Android mobile operating system and ChromeOS desktop operating system both rely on the Linux kernel. “Storage encryption protects your data if your phone falls into someone else’s hands,” Paul Crowley and Eric Biggers, Android Security and Privacy Team at Google wrote in a blog post. “Adiantum is an innovation in cryptography designed to make storage encryption more efficient for devices without cryptographic acceleration, to ensure that all devices can be encrypted.

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