LibreOffice 6.2 Brings New Interfaces, Performance Improvements To the Open Source Office Suite

An anonymous reader shares a report: New interface styles and feature improvements are available in version 6.2 of LibreOffice — the most popular open-source office suite — released Thursday by The Document Foundation. As with any software update, bug fixes and feature enhancements are present, making this release a significant upgrade, particularly for users coming from Microsoft Office, or working with files created with those programs. LibreOffice now supports SVG-based icons for toolbars in the Breeze, Colibre, and Elementary icon sets as an experimental feature, to better support HiDPI displays increasingly found in notebook PCs. The Elementary icon set was also improved significantly, adding a 32px PNG version, and fixing inconsistencies between the 16, 24, and 32px versions, as well as adding more icons across the set to prevent reverting to defaults. In LibreOffice 6.2, the “Tabbed” interface is now available for Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw, and is considered

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