Linux For Cars: Tesla Isn’t The Only Automaker Running Linux Under the Hood

ZDNet reports that by 2020, “many, if not most, new cars will be running with Linux.”
While some companies, like Tesla, run their own homebrew Linux distros, most rely on Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). AGL is a collaborative cross-industry effort developing an open platform for connected cars with over 140 members… Its membership includes Audi, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mercedes, Suzuki, and the world’s biggest automobile company: Toyota. Why? “Automakers are becoming software companies, and just like in the tech industry, they are realizing that open source is the way forward,” said Dan Cauchy, AGL’s executive director, in a statement.
Car companies know that while horsepower sells, customers also want smart infotainment systems, automated safe drive features, and, eventually, self-driving cars. Linux and open-source company can give them all of that. The AGL’s goal is to develop an open-source, common platform for infotainment systems: The Unified Code Base (UCB). This is

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