Launching the RECAP API

List of interested parties to contact:
Sai –
Gavin Sheridan – and Jose Alberto
David Donet Sr –
Ian Francis –
Kyle and ALex
Michael Shurtleff –
Mark Deming –
Reed Jessen – (interested in bi-directional API in May/June for use with Unified Patents)
Surya Mattu – Guy I met at the Knight Foundation thing, now works for Gizmodo. Is building a PACER awareness bot for their slack channel. Only interested in the API once it can scrape new stuff.
Matt Channon – building some kind of iOS tool called Habeas.
David Gribbin ( – kind of a random person that emailed. Gathering more info…
Nikolaos Tsoukas – Interested I guess from research perspective. See email.
David Kellum – Has some platform for helping journalists. Interested in RECAP Archive and Clearinghouse, but may not want to pay…not clear. Currently is scraping PACER RSS feeds.
Nirav Patel ( – Wants to use data to market to bankrupt people. Not ideal, but, hm.
Jonathan Edward Germann ( – Wants PACER

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