Washington DC Made GitHub Its Official Digital Source For Laws

“Recently, I found a typo in the District of Columbia’s legal code and corrected it using GitHub,” writes D.C. based “civic hacker” Joshua Tauberer, adding “My feat highlights the groundbreaking way the District manages its legal code.”
The District does something with its legal code that no other jurisdiction in the world does (to my knowledge): it publishes the law on GitHub…. This isn’t a copy of the DC law. It is an authoritative source. It is where the DC Council stores the digital versions of enacted laws, and this source feeds directly into the Council’s DC Code website…. This is a milestone in the advancement of open government and open legal publishing.
No one should expect that editing the law on GitHub is going to become the new normal, however. My edit wasnâ(TM)t substantive. This sort of “technical correction,” as lawyers would call it, didnâ(TM)t need to be passed

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