A new Harvard Law building opens on Mass Ave

Citing its future role in “innovation, deep learning, collegiality, and service,” Dean John F. Manning saluted the opening of the Harvard Law School’s newest building, at 1607 Massachusetts Avenue, on Monday evening. At a joyful reception in the open first floor, guests, faculty and community members nibbled pizza and sweets while taking in enlarged photos of the location’s previous incarnations, watching a time-lapse film of the structure’s 12 months of construction and queuing up for tours of the interior. Raising a glass of champagne, Manning thanked the many individuals from Harvard Law School and the City of Cambridge who had made the building possible, and he hailed the LEED Gold certified building as “designed to inspire and provoke collaboration.”

Indeed, the sleek wood and brick structure, which sits across Everett Street from HLS’s Wasserstein Hall, Caspersen Students Center, and Clinical Wing building, was created to foster and expand the law school’s

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How to Install Nginx with Virtual Hosts and SSL Certificate

Nginx (short for Engine-x) is a free, open source, powerful, high-performance and scalable HTTP and reverse proxy server, a mail and standard TCP/UDP proxy server. It is easy to use and configure, with a…
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Comcast Working on Video Streaming Box for Broadband

Here’s a bit of breaking news about Comcast, the cable and broadband Internet giant. The company is working on a streaming platform for its Internet broadband customers that will deliver an experience similar to its X1 cable service, without the need to subscribe to cable.
The new device will allow customers to utilize apps such as Netflix, Amazon prime and YouTube but it will not have an app store per se. It’s not yet known what the app selection will be.
Interestingly, this is one way Comcast will be able to deliver 4K, HDR and 3D immersive sound to its customers. I can’t say how, but I’ve seen this system in and it is real.
Another aspect of the new platform is that Comcast sees it as a gateway to the connected home and IoT “Internet of Things” connectivity. The demo I witnessed at the headquarters included emulation of one will be like

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A Third of Wikipedia Discussions Are Stuck in Forever Beefs

An anonymous reader shares a report: Wikipedia, the internet’s encyclopedia, is run entirely by volunteers — people who spend large swaths of their personal time making sure the information that hundreds of millions of people access every day stays accurate and up-to-date. Of those volunteers, 77 percent of Wikipedia articles are written by just one percent of Wikipedia editors. As such, tensions tend to get a little high, because these editors are often highly invested. They’ve been arguing about corn for nearly a decade, for example, and there’s a long-running edit war about the meaning of neuroticism. When editors disagree about an edit to be made on a Wikipedia article, they start by discussing it on the article’s Talk page. When that doesn’t result in a decision, they can open a Request for Comment (RfC). From there, any editor can choose a side or discuss the merits of whatever edit

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