Slashdot Asks: Are DevOps, Agile, and Lean IT the Same Thing?

ZDNet writes:
There have been three great movements shaping the information technology landscape. There is Agile, which emphasizes collaboration in software development; Lean IT, which promotes delivering software faster, better and cheaper; and DevOps, which seeks to align software development with continuous delivery…
These three movements have their own advocates, methodologies and terminology. But when you think about Agile, Lean IT and Agile, aren’t these all the same thing, essentially? They all have the same goals, which is to deliver high-quality software on a continuous basis, collaboratively. Is it time to chuck the terminology and semantics and bring these three activities under the same roof?
Their article cites “advocates” — two authors who have both written books about Lean It — who are pushing for the concepts to all be brought together into a single mold. But it’d be interesting to get some opinions and real-world anecdotes from Slashdot’s readers. So

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