Dank-selfhosted: automated deployment of email, web, DNS, XMPP, ZNC on OpenBSD

Hi! This is my ansible playbook for self-hosting your own email, web hosting, XMPP chat,
and DNS records using OpenBSD. I use it to host everything on
c0ffee.net, but you can easily adapt it for your own domain by
setting a few variables in vars.yml.
Configure a secondary DNS provider and set them as your nameservers at your registrar. Set up reverse DNS for your server.
cp vars-sample.yml vars.yml && vi vars.yml
ansible-playbook site.yml
./scripts/ds_records.sh YOURDOMAIN and set DS records at your registrar for DNSSEC.
You have a public-facing server (probably a VPS) running OpenBSD, with an IPv4 and IPv6 address. I recommend Vultr.
You have your own domain name, and a registrar that supports DNSSEC. I recommend Namecheap.
You have a secondary DNS provider that supports DNSSEC. I recommend DNS Made Easy. (Why do I need this?)
You’re crazy enough to run your own mail server 🙂

A small and secure OpenBSD platform to host email, DNS, XMPP chat, and

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Show HN: HTML-Notepad – A WYSIWYG editor of structured documents

It is a WYSIWYG editor of structured documents: texts that have hierarchical and semantically meaningful (oxymoron, no?) structure: headers, list, plaintext islands, tables and so on.

HTML-NOTEPAD is not a “web page editor”. Don’t even expect to create “cool web pages” with it.  With modern CSS, WYSIWYG Web design is simply impossible. Web pages are crafted manually by editing CSS, that is by nature of CSS.
But still HTML-NOTEPAD can be useful for Web designers too – for the cases when we need to create textual (yet structural) content of our pages. This very article I am editing in HTML-NOTEPAD:

HTML-NOTEPAD uses Sciter Engine for its UI. That means it is small, fast, does not have external dependencies and works on all major desktop operating systems: Windows (from XP to 10), Mac OS and Linux.
And exactly in the same way:

Yet HTML-NOTEPAD supports “day” and “night” editing modes:

To support keys-only editing as much as possible:
All frequent

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Slashdot Asks: Are DevOps, Agile, and Lean IT the Same Thing?

ZDNet writes:
There have been three great movements shaping the information technology landscape. There is Agile, which emphasizes collaboration in software development; Lean IT, which promotes delivering software faster, better and cheaper; and DevOps, which seeks to align software development with continuous delivery…
These three movements have their own advocates, methodologies and terminology. But when you think about Agile, Lean IT and Agile, aren’t these all the same thing, essentially? They all have the same goals, which is to deliver high-quality software on a continuous basis, collaboratively. Is it time to chuck the terminology and semantics and bring these three activities under the same roof?
Their article cites “advocates” — two authors who have both written books about Lean It — who are pushing for the concepts to all be brought together into a single mold. But it’d be interesting to get some opinions and real-world anecdotes from Slashdot’s readers. So

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