Show HN: A realtime node-based audio synth based on LLVM

A synth built in the current version of Axiom

Axiom is an extremely flexible node-based realtime audio synthesizer. It was originally designed for size-constrained environments such as PC intros in the demoscene, but is entirely open source and is becoming an excellent free tool for any musician.
Musician-friendly (ie knobs and sliders) interface
Highly customizable and flexible through a node editor and custom scripting language, named Maxim
Export to replayer with no dependencies (not even the standard library)
Use any DAW with VSTi support for note editing and automation
There are currently pre-packaged versions available for Windows and macOS (alpha, let us know of any issues) on the Releases page. Stay tuned for Linux builds!
Usage Guide · Example Projects · Release Notes
Axiom currently supports the following audio backends:
Standalone with PortAudio – doesn’t require a DAW or host, allowing experimentation with the editor. MIDI input can be entered with a regular computer keyboard (no actual MIDI

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