October Brings Node.js 10.x to LTS and Node.js 11 to Current

October is always a busy month for the Node.js Project. Node.js 10.x becomes the latest long term support (LTS) release on October 30. Node.js 11 becomes the current release line starting later today (October 23) and for the next six months.If you are unfamiliar with the Node.js release cycle:Even numbered releases are LTS; they generally receive 30 months of support once they become LTS.Odd numbered releases are current releases and are supported for six months.For more details on releases, check out this video or read about them here.The general themes for both of these releases focus on performance enhancements, security, new JavaScript features, and expanded tracing and diagnostics thanks to improved integration with the V8 team and contributions from the community.What version should I use?If you are using Node.js in production use an LTS version. LTS release lines focus on stability, extended support and provide a reliable platform for applications

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