Amazon RDS Update – Console Update, RDS Recommendations, Performance Insights, M5 Instances, MySQL 8, MariaDB 10.3, and More

It is time for a quick Amazon RDS update. I’ve got lots of news to share:
Console Update – The RDS Console has a fresh, new look.
RDS Recommendations – You now get recommendations that will help you to configure your database instances per our best practices.
Performance Insights for MySQL – You can peer deep inside of MySQL and understand more about how your queries are processed.
M5 Instances – You can now use MySQL and MariaDB on M5 instances.
MySQL 8.0 – You can now use MySQL 8.0 in production form.
MariaDB 10.3 – You can now use MariaDB 10.3 in production form.
Let’s take a closer look…
Console Update The RDS Console took on a fresh, new look earlier this year. We made it available to you in preview form during development, and it is now the standard experience for all AWS users. You can see an

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