Conf-Cal: A Human-Readable Conference Calendar Format and Library

a human-readable conference calender format and library

When you have a conference, it can be a pain in the butt to keep
the schedule and generate html out of it. This little library
allows with little effort to keep all the important information in
one place in a human readable form.
It makes sure that all the important data is there:
Google Place ID of the location! (to be used from a map)
Timezone (taken from the geo location using geo-tz)
Event Title/Description/Presenter
Automatic Breaks Calculation (times between the slots are automatically breaks)
Automatic Slot Calculation (just enter the times and it can figure out the slots)
Automatically generates IDs for each entry that can be overridden
(to preserve deep links even when data changes)
You can process this format with a very lightweight Node JS library.
Here is an example calendar:
Mighty Superhero Gathering
on 2019/01/01
at Top of the World#ChIJvZ69FaJU6DkRsrqrBvjcdgU

[Main Room]
10:00-10:20 Opening
10:20-11:00 Doing the right thing by Super Man #keynote

Super Man will talk

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