Building a Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform, Real-Time Game Streaming Protocol

Discuss on Hacker NewsThis is the first in a series of blog posts in which we outline our experience with developing the first HTML5 game-streaming service for the web.With the recent announcement of xCloud from Microsoft and Project Stream from Google entering beta testing, we are in the early phases of a new streaming revolution. Companies like Spotify and Netflix reshaped forever how we listened to music and watched our favorite shows and movies, and now, that same change is coming to gaming.While we’re big fans of Cloud Gaming at Rainway and have known a “Netflix for games” was inevitable, our focus has always been to be more of a “Plex for video games” by letting users enjoy the games they own anywhere, on anything. Today we’d like to share the lessons we’ve learned building this service over the last year and how we plan to continue improving it.NetworkingWhen operating

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