Show HN: WebRTC signalling data using QR codes

Using QR codes to share signalling data between two devices a WebRTC connection is established.
Open up in a desktop browser and in a mobile browser.
In either browser choose Host and in the other one Join
The browser that hosts will show a series of QR codes (the data for the signalling offer plus some metadata to read it on the other device)
When the guest device (the one that joined) shows a series of QR codes it means it has read the offer and it is showing the signalling answer. Point the qr codes towards the host device so that it can read the qr codes.
When the connection is established a chime will ring (not in Mobile Safari though) and the devices will be connected.
For the time being a semi-transparent video is shown to help point the QR codes towards the center of the scanning device – this needs improvement.


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