Show HN: WebRTC implementation for Python using asyncio

What is aiortc?
aiortc is a library for Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) and
Object Real-Time Communication (ORTC) in Python. It is built on top of
asyncio, Python’s standard asynchronous I/O framework.
The API closely follows its Javascript counterpart while using pythonic
promises are replaced by coroutines
events are emitted using pyee.EventEmitter
To learn more about aiortc please read the documentation.

Why should I use aiortc?
The main WebRTC and ORTC implementations are either built into web browsers,
or come in the form of native code. While they are extensively battle tested,
their internals are complex and they do not provide Python bindings.
Furthermore they are tightly coupled to a media stack, making it hard to plug
in audio or video processing algorithms.
In contrast, the aiortc implementation is fairly simple and readable. As
such it is a good starting point for programmers wishing to understand how
WebRTC works or tinker with its internals. It is also easy to create innovative
products by leveraging the extensive modules

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