A Look at Facebook’s Use of Systemd

At an event this month (you can find the video of it here), Davide Cavalca, a production engineer at Facebook, spoke about the growing adoption of systemd at the data centers of the company. From a report: Facebook continues making use of systemd’s many features inside their data centers. Some of their highlights for systemd use in 2018 includes: Facebook’s servers have been relying on systemd for about the past two years. Facebook is using CentOS 7 everywhere from hosts to containers. While relying on CentOS 7, Facebook backports a lot of packages including new systemd releases, Meson, other dependencies, and of course new Linux kernel releases. Facebook is working on “pystemd” as a Python (Cython) wrapper on top of SD-BUS.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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