Lexum to Provide Online Access to New Mexico Legal Information

New Mexico is one of the U.S. States where the official publishing of legislation and case law is centralized in the hands of a specialized agency, the New Mexico Compilation Commission (NMCC). Over the last few decades, the NMCC has been providing two distinct online services: a free website of unreported judgments and unannotated legislation, and a commercial service called NMOneSource where legal professionals can subscribe to get online access to the official compilation of primary legal information from New Mexico. Over the years, the technology supporting NMOneSource has fallen behind the rest of the legal publishing industry. This prompted the NMCC to recently initiate a project to modernize its infrastructure.
It is in this context that the NMCC discovered CanLII, the Supreme Court of Canada decision website, and other official websites powered by Lexum technology. These free access websites, with their advanced legal research features, convinced the NMCC that providing

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