Fastai v1 for PyTorch: Fast and accurate neural nets using modern best practices

Written: 02 Oct 2018 by Jeremy Howard

Note from Jeremy: Want to learn more? Listen to me discuss fastai with Sam Charrington in this in-depth interview.


Today is releasing v1 of a new free open source library for deep learning, called fastai. The library sits on top of PyTorch v1 (released today in preview), and provides a single consistent API to the most important deep learning applications and data types.’s recent research breakthroughs are embedded in the software, resulting in significantly improved accuracy and speed over other deep learning libraries, whilst requiring dramatically less code. You can download it today from conda, pip, or GitHub or use it on Google Cloud Platform. AWS support is coming soon.

About’s mission is to make the power of state of the art deep learning available to anyone. In order to make that happen, we do three things:

Research how to apply state

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