Show HN: Kubespy, a CLI tool for observing Kubernetes resources in real time

What happens when you boot up a Pod? What happens to a Service before it is allocated a public
IP address? How often is a Deployment’s status changing?
kubespy is a small tool that makes it easy to observe how Kubernetes resources change in real
time, derived from the work we did to make Kubernetes deployments predictable in Pulumi’s CLI. Run kubespy at any point in time, and it will watch and report information about a
Kubernetes resource continuously until you kill it.
kubespy status v1 Pod nginx will wait for a Pod called nginx to be created, and then continuously emit changes made to its .status field, as syntax-highlighted JSON diffs:

kubespy trace service nginx will “trace” the complex changes a complex Kubernetes resource makes
in the cluster (in this case, a Service called nginx), and aggregate them into a high-level
summary, which is updated in real time.

Simply get the latest release,
rename it to kubespy, run

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