Building apps on top of Google Sheets

Before the advent of the spreadsheet back in 1979, people didn’t really understand what the personal computer was for. Since then, spreadsheets have come a long way — they’ve eaten the businesses across the world, and they’re the de-facto way for anyone to quickly program a computer.
While spreadsheet software has evolved over the years — first VisiCalc, then Lotus, Excel and now Google Sheets — the core abstractions have remained the same. They’re flexible, intuitive, and timeless.
But these abstractions make spreadsheets bad at certain tasks. In particular, entering data is error-prone (no validation), and building interactive interfaces is difficult. You could get a spreadsheet to do almost anything, but you probably shouldn’t.
Retool is a fast way of building UIs and internal tools. And ever since we launched, people have been asking us to connect to various data sources — most notably Google Sheets. That’s where many internal tools start.
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