Linux, Git, MetaEdit+: how 3 Finns brought versioning, models and code together

Coders are often accused of being allergic to modeling, but I’m not sure that’s true. I think we’re just allergic to wasting time, to going through the motions to satisfy some meaningless rule, without actually producing anything worthwhile. And most of all we hate having to do the same thing twice. So management-mandated post hoc UML for documentation was never going to fly.
We love our language, our frameworks and our tools, and it takes something pretty big to get us to break away from them. Modeling may be great for non-programmers, who like the visual format, but it’s no substitute for code. Usually.
The most common case I’ve seen that persuades programmers to use modeling is state machines. If…elseif or switch…case just cannot make things clear, and neither do textual DSLs, whereas graphics work well. Even Linus’s kernel GitHub contains a state machine diagram — albeit in ASCII art!
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