Java 11 released

Java 11 has arrived. The new release is the first planned appearance of Oracle’s long-term support (LTS) releases, although Oracle have also grandfathered in Java 8 as an LTS release to help bridge the gap between the old release model and the new approach.

The feature list for the new version has only evolved modestly since InfoQ reported on this earlier in the year, and the major new features in Java 11 are:

Nest-based access controls (aka “Nestmates”): revisits the implementation of inner classes and eliminates the need for compilers to insert bridge methods.
Dynamic class-file constants (aka “condy”): reduces the cost and disruption of creating new forms of materializable class-file constants and opens the door to new performance and platform approaches.
ZGC (Experimental): a brand-new garbage collector designed for sub-10ms pause times (even on large heaps) with an aim of no more than a 15% performance penalty.
Flight Recorder: low overhead data collection framework

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