Building your own deep learning computer is cheaper than AWS

Gorgeous interiors of your Deep Learning ComputerIf you’ve used, or are considering, AWS/Azure/GCloud for Machine Learning, you know how crazy expensive GPU time is. And turning machines on and off is a major disruption to your workflow. There’s a better way. Just build your own Deep Learning Computer. It’s 10x cheaper and also easier to use. Let’s take a closer look below.This is part 1 of 3 in the Deep Learning Computer Series. Part 2 is ‘How to build one’ and Part 3 is ‘How to benchmark performance’. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to get the new articles. Leave questions and thoughts in comments below!Building an expandable Deep Learning Computer w/ 1 top-end GPU only costs $3kThe machine I built costs $3k and has the parts shown below. There’s one 1080 Ti GPU to start (you can just as easily use the new 2080 Ti for Machine Learning at $500 more — just

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