Subversion vs. Git: Myths and Facts

There are a number of Subversion vs. Git comparisons around the web and
most of them are based on myths rather than facts. The list below is intended
to bust some of these myths. Although it doesn’t tell which version control
system is better, it should help you to understand the actual state of affairs.

1.Git repositories are significantly smaller than equivalent Subversion ones

False. A myth.

The particular delta compression algorithms used in both version
control systems differ in many details, but in general Subversion
and Git store data in the same way. This results in the fact that
Subversion and Git repositories with equivalent data will have
approximately the same size. Except for the case of storing a
lot of binary files, when Subversion repositories could be
significantly smaller than Git ones (because Subversion’s
xdelta delta
compression algorithm works both

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