XML, blockchains, and the strange shapes of progress

XML, blockchains, and the strange shapes of progress
Back in the early 2000s, XML was all the rage. An unusual evolution from
HTML, which itself was an evolution (devolution?) from SGML, XML was
supposed to be a backlash against complexity. SGML originally grew from the
publishing industry (for example, the original DocBook was an SGML language)
and had a bunch of flexible parser features intended so not-too-technical
writers could use it without really understanding
how tags worked. It also had a bunch of shortcuts: for example, there’s no
reason to close the last when opening a new , because
obviously you can’t have a chapter inside a chapter, and so on. SGML was a
bit of an organically-evolved mess, but it was a mess intended for humans. You
can see a lot of that legacy in HTML, which was arguably just a variant of
SGML for online publishing, minus a few features.
All that supposedly-human-friendly implicit behaviour became a real problem,
especially when it

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Sqlite 3.25 released (with window functions)

Small. Fast. Reliable.Choose any three.

Add support for window functions
Enhancements the ALTER TABLE command:
Add support for renaming columns within a table using
ALTER TABLE table RENAME COLUMN oldname TO newname.
Fix table rename feature so that it also updates references
to the renamed table in triggers and views.
Query optimizer improvements:
Avoid unnecessary loads of columns in an aggregate query that
are not within an aggregate function and that are not part
of the GROUP BY clause.
The IN-early-out optimization: When doing a look-up on a
multi-column index and an IN operator is used on a column
other than the left-most column, then if no rows match against
the first IN value, check to make sure there exist rows that
match the columns to the right before continuing with the
next IN value.
Use the transitive property to try to propagate constant
values within the WHERE clause. For

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SageMath – Open-Source Mathematical Software System

SageMath is a free open-source
mathematics software system licensed under the GPL.
It builds on top of many existing
open-source packages:
and many more.
Access their combined power through a common, Python-based language
or directly via interfaces or wrappers.

Mission: Creating a viable free open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab.

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Stories – Medium clone built with Rails

This project is a fork of a Medium clone which began as [Ken Hibino](https://github.com/kenny-hibino “Ken Hibino”)’s personal side project to learn Ruby on Rails and ReactJS. I’ve upgraded and refactored some part of the rails app and I’ve integrated Dante2 wysiwyg editor.
The specific improvements from the original repository:
Rails 5.2.1 update!
Removed elastisearch-rails , replaced by searchkick
Removed carrierwave, replaced by activestorge
Webpacker added
Updated dependences
Replaced phantomJs by chrome-webdriver
Ruby version 2.4.0
Works with Elasticsearch 6.3.X
Application Model
multiple image support
Oembed support
A better wysiwyg With Dante2 Draftjs
Code blocks with language formatting via Prism-js
A video record component to build posts with recorded video
Database saves a serialized representation of text
And much much more

Automatic title detection
Lead Text is automatic too. more performant approach , I think
Responses are unified as a Post model, so Response model is removed
Just push your application. You must add Redis and elasticsearch.
Config ENV vars
BONSAI_URL: provided by bonsai heroku
DATABASE_URL: provided by postgres default database

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