Show HN: rwtxt – a space for reading and writing text

A cms for absolute minimalists. Try it at
rwtxt is an open-source website where you can store any text online for easy sharing and quick recall. In more specific terms, it is a light-weight and fast content management system (CMS) where you write in Markdown with emphasis on reading.
rwtxt builds off cowyo, a similar app I made previously. In improving with rwtxt I aimed to avoid second-system syndrome: I got rid of features I never used in cowyo (self-destruction, encryption, locking), while integrating a useful new feature not available previously: you can create domains. A domain is basically a personalized namespace where you can write private/public posts that are searchable. I personally use rwtxt to collect and jot notes for work, personal, coding – each which has its own searchable and indexed domain.
rwtxt is backed by a single sqlite3 database, so its portable and very easy to backup.

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