HTTPS-Portal: Automated HTTPS server powered by Nginx, Let’s Encrypt and Docker

HTTPS-PORTAL is a fully automated HTTPS server powered by
Nginx, Let’s Encrypt and
Docker. By using it, you can run any existing web
application over HTTPS, with only one extra line of configuration.
The SSL certificates are obtained, and renewed from Let’s Encrypt
Docker Hub page:
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HTTPS-PORTAL is shipped as a Docker image. To use it, you need a Linux machine
(either local or remote host) which:
Has 80 and 443 port available and exposed.
Has Docker Engine installed.
In addition, Docker Compose is highly
recommended, for it makes your life easier. Examples in our documents are
mainly in Docker Compose format.
Has all domains you’re going to use in the following examples resolving to
Though it is good to have, knowledge about Docker is not required to use
See It Work
Create a docker-compose.yml file with the following content in any directory
of your choice:
image: steveltn/https-portal:1
– ’80:80′
– ‘443:443’
# STAGE: ‘production’
Run the docker-compose up command in

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