Uploading PACER Dockets and Oral Argument Recordings to the Internet Archive

We have begun uploading six million PACER dockets to the Internet Archive. Docket uploads will be completed quarterly going forward.

Our collection of oral argument recordings now supports all circuit courts and the Supreme Court. Previously, due to inaccesibility, it lacked the 10th and 11th Circuits.

We have uploaded more than 40 thousand oral argument recordings consisting of over one thousand days of audio to the Internet Archive. New oral argument recordings will be uploaded nightly.

At Free Law Project, we collect a lot of legal information. In our RECAP initiative, we collect (or are donated) around one hundred thousand items from PACER every day. Separately, in our collection of oral argument recordings, we have gathered more than 1.4 million minutes of legal recordings — more than anywhere else on the web. All of this content comes from a variety of sources, and we merge it all together to make a searchable collection

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