Git 2.19 released – some highlights

The open source Git project just released Git 2.19, with features and bug-fixes
from over 60 contributors.
Here’s a look at some of the most interesting features introduced in the latest
versions of Git.

Compare histories with git range-diff

You might have used git rebase, which is a powerful tool for rewriting history
by altering commits, commit order, or branch bases to name a few. Many people
do this to “polish” a series of commits before proposing to merge them into a
project. But how can we visualize the differences between two sets of commits,
before and after a rebase?

We can use git diff to show the difference between the two end states, but
that doesn’t provide information about the individual commits. And if the base
on which the commits were built has changed, the resulting state might be
quite different, even if the changes in the commits are largely the same.

Git 2.19 introduces git range-diff, a tool for comparing two sequences

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Data Wrangling with Apache Kafka and KSQL

The great thing about Kafka is its ability to build systems in which functionality is compartmentalized. Ingest is handled by one process (in this case, Kafka Connect), and transformation is handled by a series of KSQL statements. Each can be modified and switched out for another without impacting the pipeline we’re building. Keeping them separate makes it easier to perform important activities such as testing, troubleshooting and analyzing performance metrics. It also means that we can extend data pipelines easily.
We may have a single use case in mind when initially building it, and one way to do this would be building a single application that pulls data from REST endpoints before cleansing, wrangling and writing it out to the original target. But now if we want to add other targets, we have to modify that application, which becomes more complex and risky. Instead, by breaking up the processes and

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