Show HN: Reminiscence, self-hosted bookmark manager and personal wayback machine

Self-hosted Bookmark and Archive manager

Bookmark links and edit its metadata (like title, tags, summary) via web-interface.

Archive links content in HTML, PDF or full-page PNG format.

Automatic archival of links to non-html content like pdf, jpg, txt etc..
i.e. Bookmarking links to pdf, jpg etc.. via web-interface will automatically save those files on server.

Directory based categorization of bookmarks

Automatic tagging of HTML links.

Automatic summarization of HTML content.

Special readability mode.

Search bookmarks according to url, title, tags or summary.

Supports multiple user accounts.

Supports public and group directory for every user, which can be shared with public or group of users.

Upload any file from web-interface for archieving.

Easy to use admin interface for managing multiple users.

Import bookmarks from Netscape Bookmark HTML file format.

First make sure that python 3.5.2+ (recommended version is 3.6.5+) is installed on system and install following packages using native package manager.
1. virtualenv

2. wkhtmltopdf (for html to pdf/png conversion)

3. redis-server (optional)

Installation of above

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