How Spam Filtering Works: From SPF to DKIM to Blacklists

Have you ever wondered why it’s so often recommended to use a dedicated email service like Amazon SES, Mailgun, or other email services? Maybe you’d rather set up your own email server?
I’ve long been guilty of only having a vague understanding of what goes on under the hood of email, and what causes emails to be sent reliably or sent straight into spam. In this week’s article, I’m going to dig into just that to find out what makes a reliable email service.
What Causes Email to Go to Spam?
We’ve all been there before; even a seemingly solid email setup can have emails dumped into your recipient’s spam folder or filtered before it even gets a chance to end up there. This can lead to lost sales, confusion among your websites’ users, and perhaps an overall bad impression of your company.
The truth is that there’s no one thing that can guarantee

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