The Tools I Use to Write Books

04 Sep 2018

In the beginning, there is always a single text file, nothing more. It’s called or It contains a list of thoughts and ideas, an outline.
Everything else grows from there. It only makes sense that we start by talking
about files.

The Files

Both of my books, Writing An Interpreter In Go and Writing A Compiler
In Go, are written in GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM). One file
per chapter and all files under version control using git.

I only use a basic set of Markdown features in my texts: headings, emphasis,
lists, links, images, quotes. And fenced code blocks. This last one is the most
important one to mention here, because every piece of code presented in the
books is contained in the Markdown files in the form of fenced code blocks.

Yes, that has all the drawbacks you imagine it to have. While I have syntax
highlighting for fenced code blocks, editing them is
not as comfortable as if

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