A Containerized Polyglot Microservices on Kubernetes and Service Mesh

This project is inspired from CoolStore project by JBoss Demo Central & Red Hat Demo Central

The structure of README is inspired from GoogleCloudPlatform Demo. Thank you @ahmetb

CoolStore is a containerised polyglot microservices application consisting of services based on .NET Core, NodeJS and more running on Service Mesh.
It demonstrates how to wire up small microservices into a larger application using microservice architectural principals.
Our team uses this application to demonstrate Kubernetes, AKS, Istio and similar cloud-native technologies in events as following

Windows 10
Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL – Ubuntu OS)
Docker for Desktop (Kubernetes enabled)
There are several individual µservices and infrastructure components that make up this app:
Architecture of µServices

The app is designed to run on Kubernetes (both locally on “Docker for
Desktop”, as well as on the cloud with AKS).
Istio: Application works on Istio service mesh.
NetCoreKit: Set of Cloud Native tools and utilities for .NET Core.
Development environment: Up and Running locally with “Docker

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