Linux 4.18 Releases With Steam Controller Kernel Driver, Spectre Updates

fstack writes: Linus Torvalds has released Linux 4.18 as the newest kernel bringing a Steam Controller kernel driver, Spectre updates for ARM64, power management updates, a “Restartable Services” system call, AMD Radeon graphics driver improvements, V3D DRM as Broadcom’s new graphics driver, DM writecache support, USB 3.2 support, and many other updates. Linus Torvalds wrote of the 4.18 final release: “It was a very calm week, and arguably I could just have released on schedule last week, but we did have some minor updates. Mostly networking, but some vfs race fixes (mentioned in the rc8 announcement as ‘pending’) and a couple of driver fixes (scsi, networking, i2c). Some other minor random things (arm crypto fix, parisc memory ordering fix).” In a separate article, Phoronix details all the changes and new features available in this release.

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