Can We Decentralize the Web?

This week the Internet Archive hosted an amazing Decentralized Web Summit, which united the makers who want to build a web “that’s locked open for good.” [Watch the videos here.] Vint Cerf was there, as was the technical product development leader for Microsoft’s own decentralized identity efforts, several companies building the so-called punk rock Internet, “along with a handful of venture capitalists looking for opportunities.” One talk even included Mike Judge, the creator of HBO’s Silicon Valley, which recently included the decentralized web in its ongoing storyline.

Computing highlighted remarks by Brewster Kahle, the founder of the Internet Archive, and Mitchell Baker, the chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation.
The ideology of the web’s early pioneers, according to Baker, was free software and open source. “Money was considered evil,” she said. So when companies came in to commercialize the internet, the original architects were unprepared. “Advertising is the internet’s original sin,” Kahle

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