Little Outliner v1.8.0 testing

Good morning. The new version of LO2 is ready for testing.
I’ve completed most of the features planned for this release, so it’s a good time for people who’d like to help to start using the new version. I’ve made a backup of all the outlines, in case there are any data-losing bugs in the software. I don’t think there are, because I’ve used it myself fairly thoroughly, and there aren’t many changes to the core outliner in this release.
If you encounter any problems or have questions, please post an item in this thread on the Scripting News repo.
Here’s a quick list of the new stuff.
Hoisting. There are two new commands in the Outliner menu, Hoist and Dehoist, and two icons in the sidebar, the two pushpins. The commands and pushpins are enabled when the operations are possible. For example, you can only hoist if a headline has

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