Google Launches Its Own Physical Security Key

An anonymous reader writes: Google launched its own Titan Security Key on Wednesday, a small USB device which includes firmware developed by the omnipresent tech giant itself. This comes days after Google said its workforce has been phish-proof for more than a year thanks to security keys distributed to its 85,000 employees. The new key means new competition for Yubikey manufacturer Yubico which confirmed it is not involved with Google’s new key. The product is available now to Google Cloud customers and will eventually be available to general customers, the company announced Wednesday at its Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco. CNET, which tested the device, adds: It’ll come in a bundle with both the USB and Bluetooth versions for $50, or you can buy one or the other for about $20 to $25 each, Brand said. The set of security keys should work on any device with a

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