LambdaMOO, MUDs, and ‘When the Internet Was Young’

Slashdot reader travers_r shares “a peek into the early days of internet culture and multiplayer gaming.” (Apparently this MOO has been running continuously for 28 years.) “From the looks of it, squatters run it now…”

LambdaMOO was different from the earliest MUDs, which were Tolkienesque fantasies — hack-and-slash games for Dungeons & Dragons types with computer access, mostly college students. LambdaMOO was one of the first social MUDs, where people convened largely to play-act society, and what might have been “one of the first MUDs to be run by an adult,” [co-creator Pavel] Curtis believes… Everybody comes through the Coat Closet the first time they visit LambdaMOO, entering the Living Room through a curtain of clothes, like children into Narnia. In between the textual rooms and objects they explore, there’s a faster-moving flow of words, the coursing real-time chatter of LambdaMOO’s other users. This is a Multi-User Domain: a chatroom and

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