Anatomy of a Spammy Campaign

Mailinator is a popular disposable email service. It’s also become a great tool for QA Teams to test email receipt, acknowledgment, authentication loops, and formatting. But in the beginning (um, wow – 15 years ago? really?) it was a tool to help people avoid spam.Mailinator gets many millions of emails per day. At peak, it can be thousands of emails per second. Over time it has become ever more efficient at dealing with the deluge; processing, compressing, storing, and analyzing them.  Once someone uses a Mailinator address, they tend to abandon it and use a different one next time. But the Internet never forgets. It seems like every Mailinator address ever used has found its way onto a marketing list somewhere.Here’s a picture of the last 6 days of email entering the system:Six days of frequent Subjects coming to Mailinator
This graph (click on the image for a bigger version) shows

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