How ‘Mission Impossible’ Made the Leap To 4K and HDR

In the run up to the release of Fallout, the new movie in the Mission Impossible franchise, Paramount studio re-released the entire Mission Impossible series on 4K Blu-ray last month. The new discs aren’t only a huge upgrade for cinephiles — they’re also a fascinating glimpse at how studios can revive older films for the 4K/HDR era. Engadget: “In terms of any re-transfers or remastering that we are doing for our HDR releases, we will go back to the highest resolution source available,” Kirsten Pielstick, manager of Paramount’s digital mastering group, said in an interview. In the case of Mission Impossible 1 and 2, that involved scanning the original 35mm negatives in 4K/16-bit. As you’d expect, the studio tries to get the original artists involved with any remasters, especially with something like HDR, which allows for higher brightness and more nuanced black levels. Pielstick worked with the director of photography

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