Highly Available Microservices with Health Checks and Circuit Breakers

Developers are turning to microservices in greater numbers to help break through the inflexibility of old monolithic applications. Microservices offer many benefits, including separation of concerns, team autonomy, fault tolerance, and scaling across multiple regions for high availability.
However, microservices also present challenges, including more infrastructure complexity to manage. You have more services to monitor for availability and performance. It’s also a challenge to balance load and route around failures to maintain high availability. If your services are stateful, you need to maintain persistent connections between clients and instances. Most API developers would prefer to have a system manage these infrastructure complexities so they can focus on the business logic.
In this article, we’ll describe how algorithms for load balancing help you deliver highly available services. Then, we’ll also show an example of how Kong makes it easier to deliver high availability with built-in health checks and circuit breakers. Kong is the

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