Source Code Released: World’s First Pro Free/Open-Source iOS Synthesizer

We’ve open-sourced the code for this synthesizer so that everyone is able to make changes to the code,
introduce new features, fix bugs, improve efficiency, and keep the synthesizer up-to-date with all
new capabilities of the base operating system.
If you’re new to AudioKit, you can learn more: here. This code and app is made possible by all the contributors to AudioKit, code here. Many of the features of Synth One are availble as modules in AudioKit, allowing you easy access to filters, reverbs, effects, and other DSP processing.
App Store Location
Master and Develop Branches
The two primary branches of this repository are intended to be used as follows:
Master branch will work with the current release version of AudioKit – ie. AudioKit’s “master” branch. Changes should not be made on this branch so that it can be kept as stable as possible.
Develop branch is intended to be built with code from

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