Show HN: A Build System for Packaging Applications in LXC Containers

Automating Container Builds.
Flockport supports LXC containers. They offer a more sensible container model with a standard OS environment compared to alternatives.
For those who are wondering what is a container build and why would you need it, you don’t. Most container platforms ship with base OS images that you can use to install and run your apps.
Flockport also provides an app store that you can download prebuilt container apps ready for use or deployment.
Container builds simply automate the process of installing and configuring an application in a container that you would do manually. It is a set of instructions to install and configure the application. This allows you to make builds repeatable and share them.
Flockport supports 2 container build models. The first maintains compatability with other build systems like Docker that existing container users may be familiar with. The second offers far more advanced build capabilities including linked & multiple builds,

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