Show HN: GraphCMS – A GraphQL-based Headless CMS

We are incredibly excited to announce that the revamped GraphCMS experience has left beta! With a fresh new set of features and performance increases, the next era of what a content management system can be, has begun.
It’s hard to imagine that the little CMS we launched a little over a year ago has become the beloved headless CMS that it is today with indie developers and major enterprises jumping to the platform. Developers caught on to the promise of GraphQL nearly the moment it first hit the inter-webs as a humble spec. Businesses have been turning to the promise of headless CMSs over the course of the last decade. But now that we’ve combined the two, there’s simply no going back!
A recap on some of the benefits of the Headless + GraphQL Paradigm

The benefits of headless
Any platform. Anywhere.No matter if you have a single website

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